The satisfaction reflecting on our patients’ faces with a smile is the medallion for our success. FIRST DO NO HARM. – Hippocrates  
Effective Diagnosis
We employ methods that bring us to definitive diagnoses through the use of advanced analyses on the basis of examination.

Our clinic collects your health-related information and archives and keeps the same on your behalf. Following examination, your presenting complaint is explored through the most necessary analyses for diagnosis. Your treatment regimen is formulated after the analyses.

Dr. Tolgay Şatana, Orthopaedist and Traumatologist

Surgical Treatment
The diagnosis is followed by the identification of problem-oriented endoscopic and minimally invasive methods for treatment.

The treatment method selected for you to regain your health is mostly not an option. Avoiding surgery may lead to interruptions in your treatment and further progression in your condition. Advanced conditions not only complicate the course of treatment, but also lengthen the period required for the patient to return to their daily life.

Early treatment is advantageous
Articulate to Life

A painful joint or spine may be the making of an unhappy life or the cause of “anxiety” – the disease of today’s society. Lingering pains are indicators of conditions that fall beyond the repairing capabilities of your body. Surgical treatment relieves your body of non-curable problems and repairs injuries.

Pricing and Competition
Your Private Physician Offers You the Most Economical Solution

In today’s terms, successful results upon treatment are only possible through the application of the most modern conditions and the provision of the minimum requirements. Through the title of a private practitioner, we use the current conditions of competition in the market in favour of our patients. Our private insurance contracts are in place with a view to completing our patients’ treatments without leading to additional costs.

Our Services

Diagnosis and Treatment in the Office

In our office, all outpatient treatment methods are applied in hygienic environments. We are located in an advantageous location as a neighbour to not only advanced analysis centres, but also to large shopping malls. You may also choose to avail yourself of our shuttle services to and from your home, the office and the airport.

Diagnosis and Treatment at Home

Upon the request of our patients with limited mobility, we offer diagnosis and treatment services at home. Simple diagnostic methodologies, including radiological examination, can be implemented on the patient’s bed. Remote monitoring and tracking devices can be provided when necessary.

Remote Diagnosis and Consultancy

If you are in Istanbul or abroad, we can save you time by assessing your condition through the use of audio or video chatting methods. We can also provide consultancy services to your Physician to manage your treatment abroad.

Treatment and Follow-Up in Hospital

We maintain our surgical treatments in contracted hospitals of various classes. Please consult us for the undertaking of follow-up outside the scope of our treatment package or of treatments not completed by other physicians.


Question Your Doctor

Eklem sağlığımı nasıl koruyabilirim?

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Duruş bozukluğunun çözümü var mı?

Duruş bozukluğu omurganın yapısal bozukluğuna bağlı değilse erken dönemde egzersizle düzeltiebilir. Düzeltilmeyen yapısal olamayan sorunlarda zamanla kalıcı hale dönerler. Yapısal bozukluklarda cerrahi yöntemler kullanılabilir.. Devamını okuyun

Kapalı bel fıtğı cerrahisi nedir?

Kapalı cerrahi deyimi ile delerk ve mutlaka kamera kullanılarak yapılan cerrahiyi kastediyoruz. Kapalı denmesinin sebebi anatomik yapılar bozulmadan ve kesilmeden hastalıklı bölgeye ulaşmak tanı koymak ve aynı zamanda tedaviyi tamamlamak gereklidir.elit,. Devamını okuyun

Please Contact for Information

Why Prefer Treatment with a Private Physician? 
You will be sure about who undertakes the course and responsibility of your treatment. You can reach them at any time to share your problems.

Special Services

All non-orthopaedic conditions of our patients can be arranged in historical order and filed into a folder.

Helpful Services
We offer Consultancy and Remote Diagnosis (telemedicine, teleconferencing) possibilities. Through these services, you will be able to access specialised physicians directly.

Other Services 

We can provide our patients with suggestions with respect to shuttle and homecare services.

Business and Careers  
If you would like to work with us, our search for personnel in the fields of Web design, Accounting, Marketing and Tourism is always on-going.

Treatment Abroad 
We provide effortless access to affiliated advanced treatments abroad through referencing.