Op. Dr. Tolgay Şatana


    Biographical Information:

      He was born in Ankara/Turkey in October 14, 1968. He completed primary, intermediate and high school education in Ankara. He received MD degree from the University of Ankara Faculty of Medicine in 1991.Dr. Satana had worked in Tuzluca/Igdir as a Medical Practitioner from 1991 to 1992 . He completed the residency in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology at University of Gazi, Faculty of Medicine Ankara/Turkey in 1997. He was appointed to Ankara Etimesgut Hospital as an Orthopedic Surgeon in 1997.Dr Satana completed a military service obligation in Maresal Cakmak Military Hospital, Erzurum in 1998. After the military service he went to USA and  attended postgraduate education as an visitor professor in Pediatric spine surgery in University of Michigan in 2000. He came back to Turkey at the end of 2000 and be appointed to Gaziantep Hospital. He worked as an Orthopaedic surgeon about a year Gaziantep Hospital and resigned in 2002. He set up the Orthopaedic Clinic and worked in Gaziantep American Hospital in 2002. In 2003 He appointed to Ankara Research Hospital and Middle East University Medical Center and worked about two year as an Orthopaedic and trauma surgeon. Now on He is working MedArt Medical Center Ankara  since 2003 and full-time staff since June 2004. Dr. Satana moved Istanbul in 2008 and made a practice many hospital in Istanbul. Recently He has been working in his own private office as free doctor, perfoming his surgery appropriate hospitals which patients desired. He is married and has a daughter and a son.


1985-1991 University of Ankara, Faculty of Medicine Ankara/Turkey


      • Observerhip in Pediatric and Spine Surgery

May to August 2000 University Of Michigan, Faculty of Medicine Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma Ann Arbor/MI/USA

        • Observerhip in spine research

Oct to Apr 2000 Michigan State Univ, Nero-science Unit East Lansing/MI/USA

      • Residency in ortopedi surgery and trauma

1992-1997 University Of Gazi, Faculty of Medicine Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma Ankara/Turkey

      • Intership

1990-1991 University of Ankara, Ibn-I Sina Hospital Ankara/Turkey


      • Ortopaedic Surgeon

2011 – Recently Dr. Tolgay Şatana Private Office Owner Istanbul/Turkey
2011-2011 Full Time Staph Medical Park Bahcelievler Medical Center Istanbul/Turkey
2011-2011 Full Time Staph Hospitallium Haznedar Center Istanbul/Turkey
2009-2013 Part Time Staph Jinemed Medical Center
2009-2011 Full Time Staph Gaziosmanpasa Safak Hospital Istanbul/Turkey
2008-2009 Full Time Staph Camlik Hospital Bakirkoy Istanbul/Turkey
2008-2008 October Full Time Staph Acıbadem Beylikduzu Medical Center Istanbul/Turkey
2003-2008 Full Time Staph Medart Medical Center Ankara/Turkey
26.3.2004-2005 Middle East Technical Univercity Medical Center Ankara/Turkey
26.3.2003-2004 Ankara Research Hospital Ankara/Turkey
15.1.2002-17.12.2002 SEV American Hospital Gaziantep/Turkey
2001-2002 Ministry of Health Gaziantep Hospital Gaziantep/Turkey
1999-2000 Ministry of Health Etimesgut Hospital Ankara/Turkey
1998-1999 Maresal Cakmak Military Hospital Erzurum/Turkey
1997-1998 Ministry of Health Etimesgut Hospital Ankara/Turkey

      • Residency in Ortopaedic Surgery and Trauma

1992-1997 Univercity Of Gazi, Faculty of Medicine Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma Ankara/Turkey

      • Medical Pratitioner

1991-1992 Ministry of Health, Medical Office of Tuzluca Igdır/Turkey

Membeship in Professional

      • Turkish Medical Association, Chamber of Istanbul (Member)
      • EFFORT: European Federation of National Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Associations (Member)
      • Turkish Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma Association (Member)
      • Turkish Spine Society (Member)
      • IMLAS (Former Executive Member)
      • Assian Academy of Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery (Executive-Board Member)
      • SICOT (Member)
      • Turkish Joint Diseases Foundation (Former Executive)
      • ISMISS (former board member national representative-2004-2012)
      • ISLAS chairman of Turkish chapter (2009)
      • WALA board member (2004)
      • WFMISS (Board member and vice president 2012)
      • Turkmiss (Founder, former president, vice president)


    EDİTORİAL BOARD in Journal

      1. Joint Diseases and Related Surgery (Since 2002)
      2. Anatolian Medicine (Since 2001)
      3. International Journal of Spine Surgery (2012)
      4. Curius Spine Expert to peer review (2013)
      5. Open Spine Journal (2014)


   Presentations at National Meetings

      • Free Papers
      1. Şatana T, Sener EE, Kanatli U. Morbidity of Carpal Instability combined with Fracture of Distal Radius. VITurkish National Congress of Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery Book, p:278-82, October 26-29, Bursa, 1998
      2. Simsek A, Kaymak O, Bayar A, Şatana TSurgical Treatment of Bimalleoler Fractures. XVth Turkish National Congress of Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma Book. P: 645-7, September 13-17, Istanbul,1997
      3. Altun N, Kaymak O, Şatana T. Surgical Treatment in Fractures of Vertebra with neurologic symptom. XIVthTurkish National Congress of Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma Book. P: 322-6, September 29-October 4, Izmir,1995
      4. Kaymak O, Şatana T, Hersekli M, Keser S. Applications of External Fixators in Orthopedic Surgery. XIVthTurkish National Congress of Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma Book. P: 443-6, September 29-October 4, Izmir,1995
      5. Atik SO, Şatana T.Does Laser Cause Musculosketal İnjury İmlas  Luxsembourg, June 2003
      6. Şatana T. Ayak bileği artroskopsinde Lazer etkinliği IX. Turkish Sports and Traumatology Arthroscopy and Knee Surgery Congress October 14-18 2008 Istanbul
        1. Şatana T, Sarban S, Üzümcügil O, Atik O, Ömeroğlu S, Erdoğan D. The Analysis of regeneration tissue Which occure in treatment of cartilage defect. 1. Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis congress in Antalya 1-4  May 2003
        2. Sarban S, Şatana T,Erol O, Yazar M, Işıkan E. Eveluation of using tourniquet in total knee arthroplasty. 1. Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis congress in Antalya 1-4  May 2003
        3. Şatana T, Ergüven M. Epidural cement leaking in kyphoplasty (case report)  1. Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis congress in Antalya 1-4  May 2003
        4. Sarban S, ŞatanaT. The Results of ACL sacrified total knee artroplasties. 1. Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis congress in Antalya 1-4  May 2003

Lectures in Congress

      1. Sindel D, Akıncı A, Şatana T.Critisisation of Canadian Osteoprosis Guide. 1st Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis congress in Antalya 1-4  May 2003
      2. Hamzaoğlu A, Şatana T,Alanay A, Şar C. Treatment of Osteoporotik Fractures. 1st. Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis congress in Antalya 1-4  May 2003
      3. Hamzaoglu A, Şatana T,Alanay A, Dincer D. Treatment of Osteoporotic Fractures. 2nd Osteoporosis and Osteoarthtritis Congress in Antalya 2004
      4. Satana T. Direct Reduction Effect of Kyphoplasty. Ismiss 24th Course Meeting Zürih 2006
      5. SatanaPercutaneous Automated Discectomy Versus Endoscopic Discectomy. ISMISS 25th Course Meeting 2007
      6. Percutaneous Automated Discectomy Versus Endoscopic Discectomy. Rome Spine 2007
      7. Satana T. Percutaneous Cervical Discectomy ISMISS 26th Course 2008 Zurich
      8. Satana T.Laser Efficiency on Ankle Arthroscopy Laser Florence 2008
      9. Satana T.Percutaneous Cervical Discectomyin  First  ISMISS Turkey Ankara 2008
      10. Kim WJ, Acaroglu E, Hamzaoglu A, Satana T. Minimal Invasive Spine Techiques in Degerative Spine Disorder 3th Osteoporosis and Osteoarthtritis Congress in Antalya April 20-24 2005
      11. Satana T. Current Concepts in the Laser&Radiofrequency Technologies for Minimally Invasive Musculoskletal Applications Imlas Congress Istanbul 2005
      12. Şatana T. , Algorithmic approach of spinal disorder through minimal invasive applications. 2nd Arkade Symposium in Eisenach 29 September-October 2nd Arkade Clinic Eisenach Germany.
      13. Şatana T. Minimal Invasive Surgical Treatment of Degenerative Vertebral Disc Disease.  Disorder 4th Osteoporosis and Osteoarthtritis Congress in  April 23-27 Antalya 2006
      14. Şatana T,
      15. Şatana T, International 25thJubilee Course for Percutaneous Endoscopic Spinal Surgery and Complementary Minimal Invasive Spine Techniques. January 25-26 2007 Zurich Switzerland
      16. Şatana T. Minimal Inavsive Spine Surgery Osteoporoz and Osteoarthritis Congress April 25-29 2007 Antalya Turkey
      17. Şatana T,Comparisonof Baloon kyphoplasty and vesselplasty clinical results and patient satisfactions. 7th International Symposium Kiev May 30 2009
      18. Şatana T. Transforaminal Arthrodesis. Update Sulla Chirurgia Mini-Invasiva Del Rachide Rome Spine 2008. December 12-13, 2008 Rome İtaly
      19. Şatana T. Manuel Endoscopc Discectomy. Update Sulla Chirurgia Mini-Invasiva Del Rachide Rome Spine 2008. December 12-13, 2008 Rome İtaly
      20. Şatana T. 27thInternational Course for Percutaneous Endoscopic Spinal Surgery and Complemantray MinimalInvasive Spine Techniques. January 29-30 2009
      21. Şatana T, Basic Principles and Anatomical Landmarks of Minimal Invasive Spine surgery. Towards Improved Outcomes in Bone and Joint Surgery, International Meeting on Minimally Invasive Surgery in Orthopaedicd and trauma with Congress and Lectures. May 21-23 2009 Varna Bulgaria
      22. Şatana T, International Neuroimplantation Congress January 22-23 2010 Istanbul Turkey.
      23. Şatana T,Comparison Kyphoplasty and vesselplasty. 2ndth MISS Summit 2010 Aichi Japan
      24. Şatana T, Percutaneous Nucleoplasty versus Endoscopic Discectomy.  2ndCominco Conngresso Brasileiro De Cirurgia E Technicas Minimamente Invasivas Da Coluna Vertebral. Julho 22-24 2010 Sao Paolo Brasil
      25. Şatana T. Comparison Kyphoplasty and vesselplasty 3rdCongress of Indonesian Spines Society Congress Towards to Healthy Spine July 16-18  2009 Jakarta Indonesia
      26. Şatana T. Percutaneous Automated Discectomy long term result  . 9thInternational Symposium Kharkiv May 28 2011
      27. Şatana T, Percutaneous Automated Discectomy long term result  4thCongress and  9th Annual ScientificMeeting of ISS 2nd Ismiss Indonesian Chapter. Comprehensive management of The Aging Spine. July 28-30 2011 Jacarta Indonesia
      28. T Şatana, Percutaneous Automated Discetomy long term results. 11thPasific and Asian Society of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Congress Agust 18-20 2011 Busan Korea
      29. Şatana T, Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery 10thOsteoporoz and Osteoarthritis Congress (OSTEO2012) April 20-24 Antalya Turkey
      30. Şatana T. MISS as treatment option of failed back spine syndrome. 10th International Jubilee Symposium Kharkiv May 26 2012
      31. Şatana T. MISS as treatment option of failed back spine syndrome, Comprehensive Management of Spine Trauma Multidiciplinary Approach. The 10thAnnual Meeting of The Indoneisan Spine Society and ISMISS Indonesian Chapter July 5-7 2012 Bandung Indonesia
      32. Şatana T, MISS is an option FBSS  3rdWCMISST Agust 16-18 Bahiz Brazil
      33. Şatana T,Recent Advance of Spine Surgery. Recent Advances in Orthopedics February 6-9 2013 Istanbul
      34. Şatana T,MISS in the treatment of Failled Back Spine Surgery. Combined Scoliosis Research Society Worldwide Course 2013 11th Symposium Mini Invasive and Instrumented Surgery of Spine May 23-25 2013 Kharkiv Ukraine
      35. Şatana T,  Mezotherapy in Orthopedic Field.   Le Coz Mezotherapy Trainning Course  December 14-15 2013
      36. Satana T,  MissSummit
      37. Şatana T, Minimal Invsive Spine Surgery on Failed back spine syndrome. The 2ndSession of Minimally Invasive Technology of Intervertebral Disc Disorders Conference and China Japan Spinal Surgery Academic Exchange. November 8th 2013 Beijing China1
      38. Şatana T,Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery Basic principles. 5th Turkmiss, &th Ismiss turkey Meeting April 11-14 2013 Izmir Turkey
      39. Şatana T, MISS is an treatment option of FBSS. 7thMISS Summit Forum. March 1st  2014 Aichi Japan
      40. Şatana T,Basic principles of MISS. 1st World Congress of WFMISS April 9-14 Istanbul Turkey


Bibliography Publications

      • Master of Thesis
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