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The Key to Recovery; Let Your Tissues Be Repaired!

Almost all tissues in our body have the ability to repair themselves. Some tissues cannot perform this task with their own cells and utilise filling cells. Filling cells are what we call fibrocytes. The repairing tissue is a scar and does not bear the characteristics of a tissue. Therefore, the repairing process performed by the filling cells may cause partial or full loss of organ function. The best method of recovery is that which is within the limits of the body’s use of its repairing capabilities. Treatment regimens initiated before the advancing of tissue loss enables you to recover without any loss of function.


Take Heed of Your Body’s Warning Signs

Pain is the first whistleblower of a problem emerging in our bodies. Most of the time, a pain that feels so close as an arm’s reach may be pain that is reflected at a locality far away from the point of sensation. In either case, knowing the source of the pain is half the solution. The characteristics, frequency and unresponsiveness of a pain are what bring us to a physician..


Share your Feelings

We keep all details necessary for your problem’s solution in specifically designated files – called “Medical History” – in your name. Any past conditions and your family history may give us occasional hints to discover your condition. The examination is doubtlessly very important, but a good story before the examination allows us to find our way. Don’t forget that your body, for us, is like a dark cave. Enlighten it with preliminary information.